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What is a memorial video?
Memorial Videos
Video & Audio Productions
It's amazing how the life of one person can touch the lives of others in such a profound way. Sadly, when that person passes from this life, the natural fading of memory caused by time makes it difficult to preserve their essence and influence for future generations. A Memorial video is a meaningful and comforting way to commemorate the lives of loved ones, and to ensure that their wit and wisdom can be shared for years to come. It's a collection of captured moments set to the music that was the soundtrack of their times. In essence, it is the tale of a unique individual in pictures and songs that marked a lifetime. So whether your loss was a dear friend or a close member of your family, a memorial video will create a touching tribute for the memorial service that will pass on the details of a lifetime long after time has cast shadows on our memories. We will transform your photos into a family heirloom by creating a video montage you'll cherish for generations to come.




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Using photos provided by you, we will produce a photo montage set to your choice of music.

$25 setup fee
$1 per photo/graphic
Memorial Video